ATM Locations

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SCECU owns four Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Saginaw.

Main Office:
1700 Court Street
Saginaw, MI, 48602
Accepts deposits

111 S. Michigan Ave,
Saginaw, MI, 48602

*Public Access during business hours only

Saginaw Township:
4980 Shattuck Rd.
Saginaw MI, 48608-6400
(Next to Treasurers Office)
*Public Access during business hours only

Saginaw Township
Center Courts
3320 N Center Rd,
Saginaw MI, 48603
*Public Access during business hours only

SCECU Members are not surcharged by these machines.  SCECU is a member of Alliance One.  Our members should look for the Alliance One logo to avoid surcharges at the other ATMs.

Surcharge Free ATM Locations

Alliance One also has a complete listing of ATMs on their web site.  This list is searchable by city and state.  Check it out at

**Note that some financial institutions are charging non-members a fee even though they are on the Alliance One Network.