Check Ordering

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Checks can be ordered through our partner Checks for Less. Please contact us to place your first order. After you have placed your first order with our staff, you can order directly through the Checks for Less website by clicking the button below. 

Click to Re-Order Checks
Please contact us at (989) 793-9188 if you have not ordered thru Checks for Less before, don’t know the starting number or if you have a name or address change.

Want to order checks from a different check provider? There are a lot of companies to choose from. Please make sure when you are ordering checks yourself that you are entering the correct MICR line. The MICR line is the long string of number on the bottom of the check. Making sure these numbers are correct is crucial to making sure that your check is going to the correct financial institution.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding check ordering.