History of SCECU

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The County of Saginaw sponsored Saginaw County Employees Credit Union in 1956 to provide its employees with a place to save and borrow and to help them manage their money. Later we offered membership to the employees of Saginaw County Schools and to elected officials and employees of any
township government in Saginaw County. We later added Select Employer Groups.

We are exclusively yours.

You own the Credit Union, and you are the sole reason we exist.

The following are the original members who organized the Credit Union and signed the Certificate of Organization on December 29th, 1955:

Gwendolyn M. Lee     Social Welfare Board

Clara P. Turek             Register of Deeds

Carl O. Little               County Treasurer

Leslie J. Bailey            Saginaw County Hospital

William J. Leppien      County Clerk

Edward McNamara    Saginaw County Road Commission

Maud G. Gilbert         Saginaw County Health Dept.

The Credit Union started off in the old Court House and we later moved into the new Court House. We then moved to 315 S. Michigan St, which is now
Princing’s Drug Store. We then broke ground for our current location at 1700 Court St in the winter of 1980. Construction on our current building was
completed October 27th 1980.

To learn more about the benefits of membership at Saginaw County Employees Credit Union, please stop in or call us anytime.