Home Loans

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Searching the market for a new home? Do you know how much house you can afford with your budget? We can help you feel at home by financing the house of your dreams with a low-rate loan and affordable payments.

Speak with us first for a pre-approval! You can better your chances of a seller accepting your offer with a pre-approval ready to go. Take advantage of our mortgage expertise and schedule an appointment today! Contact SCECU and we can help you get started.

Home Equity Loans

SCECU offers two types of Home Equity Loans: Traditional and Open-End. You can apply for a Home Equity Loan to help consolidate debt, pay for education expenses, complete home repairs or upgrades and more. Just ask us for details!

  • Traditional (Fixed Amount)

Similar to a standard loan, if approved for a traditional home equity loan, the funds will be deposited into your account.

  • Open-End (Line of Credit)

Similar to a credit card, if approved for an open-end home equity loan, you’ll have a choice between a special MasterCard or checks. As you use the MasterCard or write checks, the amount is credited to your loan.

Home Improvement Loans

Need cash to help with home improvements? Repair, rejuvenate, and restore your current home to its best shape yet with affordable financing.

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