Other Accounts

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Certificates of Deposit (CD’s)

With a minimum amount of $500.00, you earn an even higher rate of return than either the Regular Savings (Share) or Money Management Account. However, with a CD you’re required to deposit the funds for a specific amount of time. If you withdraw early, you may receive a 90 day dividend penalty.
We review the rates of our CD’s month to make sure that our members are getting the best rate possible. You may review our current CD’s here

Youth CDs

Because we love to help our younger members get on the right path toward a bright financial future, we’ve set up a special Youth CD! With a minimum deposit of $50.00, your younger loved ones can enjoy a 12-month certificate and make deposits to their CD any time.
We review our rates regularly to ensure we’re providing you with the best we can offer. You may review our current CD and Youth CD rates here

Christmas Club

Get help saving for the holidays by opening an SCECU Christmas Club Account. By making regular deposits, you can avoid having to use expensive high rate credit cards or using funds from your regular savings account to make holiday shopping purchases.

It’s easy to save for the holidays at SCECU! 

How much will you save?

$5.00 26 bi-weekly $130.00
$10.00 26 bi-weekly $260.00
$25.00 26 bi-weekly $650.00

*Calculation does not include interest.

Goal Saver 

Grow your savings and reach your goal with SCECU! With a higher rate of return than a Regular Savings (Share) Account, make deposits as often as you like. Withdrawals are restricted to two per year to encourage you to keep your money in the Goal Saver Account to help you reach your goal faster.