Other Services

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Money Orders

SCECU is a MoneyGram money order retailer.  Money Orders are great if you need to make a payment, but you don’t have a checking account or the seller won’t take a check.

You can purchase Money Orders at the credit union.  They are available in any amount under $1,000, and can be paid for in cash or deducted directly from your account.  There is a small fee of $1.00 for each money order.  If the amount you need is over $1,000, we can issue a credit union cashier’s check.

Notary Services

Have a form that needs to be notarized? SCECU can help! We have notaries on staff to take care of our members. There is no cost to have a form notarized.

VISA Gift Cards

Need to get a gift for someone but can’t figure out what to give them? VISA gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion! We have multiple gift card designs in stock and the card can be used anywhere you see the VISA logo.

Benefits of a VISA gift card:

  • Can be used the same day it is purchased
  • Can be used at the ATM
  • Has a five year expiration date
  • Minimum amount that can be loaded is $10
  • Maximum amount that can be loaded is $500

There is a one-time card fee of $3 at the time of purchase.